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[SOLVED] Custom hotspot shapes?

edited October 2014 in Technical Q&A
Hello! Quick question. Am I missing some stupidly obvious way of making custom hotspot shapes, as illustrated below? I have a great need for many hotspots that can't be square because of the way several intermixed objects are placed in the background.



  • 2D or 3D?  It's really just down to the Collider you're using.  The Hotspot prefab comes with a Box Collider, but you can easily replace this with a different one.  If you're working in Unity 2D mode, you could even place down a PolygonCollider and make whatever shape you like!
  • I noticed this in the 2D Demo. The tree has a custom collider shape.
    I guess that makes it a good example to take a peek at how it should best be done?
  • Would you look at that, it was stupidly obvious! That's for the answer, this fills in a few other thoughts I had, too :)
  • Cool, I was wondering in the back of my head if you could use the Polygon collider for hotspots, and turns out you can! This wasn't really advertised but I guess it makes sense. Anyway, happy to hear it. Going back and changing some of my hotspot colliders now ;)
  • I ran in the same question and this post helped me out. Once again great! 
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