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Setting up a scrolling journal with a 'select' option.

So in my game there is a part of the game in which you have to pick 1/3 emails. The idea is that you can scroll through each one individually one by one and then choose the one you like. 

I managed to get this to work by setting up a journal, then creating buttons that trigger action scripts that set the page using a integr from the variable, then when you click the bottom 'button' and it triggers a response depending on the one you chose. 

Example in gif form

Example of how I set up the action list

So it works for my purposes now, however, is there a better way to do this in the future? I feel I found an obtuse solution haha. 


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    Also bonus question, 

    Few of my scenes switch back and forward between scenes in a single action. I noticed that I cant que anything up once I use "switch scene". The solution I have so far is using the pop up switch, is this the best solution?
  • Changing journal page is just a matter of setting your Button's Click type to Offset Journal - creative alternative solution though!

    Could you rephrase and repost your second question?  It's best to keep things in separate threads for future users, but I'm also not clear.  Do you mean a single Action or single ActionList?

    You're correct about the Scene: Switch Action - an ActionList cannot survive a scene change, so you must start a new one via the next scene's OnStart Cutscene.  If you want to check if you're coming from a specific scene, you can use the Scene: Check Action.
  • Thanks for the reply! 

    Oh, I know that you can just use the offset journal option, however i want to be able to choose one of these journal pages to set off an action list. 

    So example:

    Character is given three email choices to send to someone, they can cycle between three choices. By clicking 'send' while the chosen email is visible, it will trigger the action list for 1/3 of those emails. Thats why I have used this more complicated solution. I was just wondering if I went about this the right way. Say if I had like 30 options this might be too consuming, even if it works. 

    Yes I may make a new post for that specific second question, so far pop up switch works fine. 

    I mean both. My problem arises when I may be cutting back and forward between scenes to say, show a separate scene with a close up of a characters face. I can keep triggering new pop up switches so its fine for now.

    For example, I have a full body shot of a character, then a new scene with a close up of their lips, this switches back and forth 1-5 times. Alternative solution is just revealing a new background graphic that covers everything creating a faux 'new scene' instead of switching to a completely separate one.  I was just curious if I was just doing this a stupid way.  
  • Journals, Documents, and individual pages within don't have a means internally to associate themselves with specific ActionLists.

    You can, however, write a custom script that reads the current "open page" index, and pull ActionList from the same index within an array:

    MenuJournal myJournal = AC.PlayerMenus.GetElementWithName ("MyMenu", "MyJournal") as MenuJournal;
    int openPageIndex = myJournal.showPage;
    ActionList actionList = myActionListArray [openPageIndex];
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