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2 different speech dialogs using different menus

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I want to be able to have 2 ways I can speak to people in the game. 
1 -I walk past and trigger a speech bubble above their head
2 -I click on their hotspot and a normal subtitles menu appears.

I can get these working independently but never at the same time time. I figured "for speech of type" in the menu options would do it. Ie, for my triggered speech bubbles i could make them "background only" (I am assuming ticking "play in background" in an ActionList->dialog->speech would define this) and for my hotspot subtitles I could make them "blocking only" (ie not ticking "play in background"). 

However that didnt work, only my speech bubble ones seem to show, the other ones dont (i think it IS happening though because he goes into his talk animation etc, I just dont see any text). Am I along the right lines of how to do it, or is it not as simple as this? Or is there another way to do this, ideally I dont want to use whether it plays in the background or not as my defining thing (but I dont mind too much if have to), Id prefer something completely independent like a combobox that lets you select which menu to use for that particular dialog.

Thanks again for any help. Quite tough to explain hopefully I have done ok.


  • A speech line will be considered "background" if either Play in background? is checked, or the ActionList that contains it has a When running value of Run In Background.

    When you say at the same time, do you mean you want to display the same speech line in two different ways - or that you want to display two separate speech lines in two different ways?

    The latter is not possible with the same character - since a character can only be speaking one line at a time.  To achieve that effect, you'd need to add a separate NPC component as a child object so that they and their "parent" NPC can speak simultaneously.

    Otherwise, I'm not sure I follow.  Screenshots of the relevant Inspectors / ActionLists / in-game behaviour will help to illustrate the issue.
  • I want a character to have 2 ways of speaking, they will never show simultaneously, but I kind of want neither of them to pause the gameplay. But actually I set it up fine now and it works, even though one is set to pause gameplay it doesnt seem to, so that actually works perfect for me (ufps?). Thanks again.

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