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Export only speech without VO?

Is there an easy way you can think of to export all speech text that does not have an associated voice file? A lot of lines are already recorded, but there is so much speech that it would be an enormous pain to manually check every line to see if speech has been recorded yet. But this seems like something AC could determine very easily since AC already knows how to check for speech files associated with text since it has to play them.


  • edited July 2018
    In the Script Sheet exporter?  Not currently, but it may well be something that can be determined.  Are you manually associating audio with lines, or relying on automatic filenames?
  • I'm relying on automatic file names.
  • A correction: this is already a feature when manually-assigning audio.  I will, however, look into having the same apply for automatic.
  • Is this feature now available in the newest version? Deciding if I should update my AC version. This feature would save me a lot of time and would make that decision easy.

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