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LORELAI - coming soon

We've finally released the first official trailer for Lorelai! Two years in production, it's scheduled for release early 2019.

I mostly work on it myself under a label of Harvester Games, with external animation artist doing the characters and screen7 taking care of publishing duties.

Lorelai is a story about a girl entering adulthood in a cold cold world that spares her no punches. There's elements of horror, drama, comedy and surreal... similar to my previous games - The Cat Lady and Downfall. There's the usual "dialogue choices have impact on the story" elements. There's some light puzzles... and mostly stuff Harvester Games has been known for. Except this time, switching to AC and Unity, I was able to make it look really GOOD! ;)

This will be my 4th commercial title and we're hoping to hit xbox as well this time ;)

But to be honest, first time working with Unity, most of the time I'm just scared not to break everything with one wrong click of a mouse ;)

The game mixes 2D and realtime 3D graphics (I've had so much fun with that actually!)

Feedback always appreciated! ;)


  • The visual improvements definitely stand out. The art has really evolved from The Cat Lady while keeping the same style, looks really great! Especially impressed with the animations in the background, of trees etc. Did you do the 3D parts yourself?

    Good luck with this Rem! 
  • Thanks armaan ;) Yeah, I do everything myself except character animations (I make some of them but mostly they're done by a freelance artist who also worked with me on Downfall 2016).
  • Looking realy good! I like the art style

  • Looks absolutely stunning! Great work, guys!
  • Outstanding work!
  • Really nice art :smile:

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