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Best way to approach an adventure game before heading into Unity

In terms of setting up your adventure game, what is the general workflow you all use in setting up your game prior to using Unity/ AC? I assume you write down all your puzzle items, dialogs, etc via google docs or similar? 


  • I prefer something more physical like a notepad, but for me it's rarely a case that I'll plan everything in advance.  A lot of it comes down to testing and iterating until things feel good - which can't always be planned completely beforehand.
  • There are lots of ways to plan a game, but like Chris said a good part of the development involves improvising (usually towards a goal). Creating a GDD, be it short or long, will help you solidify your idea (it's also useful to communicate the idea to your teammates if you have any). You could do it in a real notepad or a txt file, cards, etc. You could write information about your characters, scenes, items and puzzles, etc. But once you are making a scene you'll likely see things in a new light. You might not like something as was planned, or might see a better way to do something. At that point it's fine to stray way from your GDD and just go with the flow.

    The work flow is kinda the same as for any art. You usually pre-plan (a painting, a song's structure, or a book, etc) and use that as a guide when working, but you let your creativity go free during the process.
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