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First Person Yaw speed cap

Hey Chris, 

I've started to play with the 3D side of Adventure creator now, starting off with First Person. 

Everything is great but what I have noticed is that the yaw, rotating left or right, feels like there is a cap on the speed if I move my mouse too fast, which in turn makes it feel very floaty. I've looked into the code, but it says that the First person camera script does not control the yaw. 

1. Can I change the yaw issue within AC or am I going to have to make my own custom first person script?

2, I notice UFPS has integration already, but how would I integrate another custom script such as this free one


  • 1) There is a cap on the free-aiming speed, but you've helped me discover a bug in that it is not properly exposed in the Settings Manager.

    I'll address this in the next update, but you can work around it in the meantime by temporarily switching your Input method to Touch Screen, and then raising the Walk threshold value that appears, and then switching back to Mouse And Keyboard.

    The other value that affects motion is the Free-aim acceleration setting in the Settings Manager.

    2) The UFPSIntegration script is documented with comments that show what's going on, and the Manual includes a "Custom motion controllers" chapter with details on the approach.  Another integration example script can be found for Unity's own First Person Controller in the wiki:

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