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The Dark Side of the Moon - A FMV Interactive Thriller/Mystery

Remember FMV (Full Motion Video) games from the 90's? Well, that's what The Dark Side of the Moon will be, but brought up to date with today's technology.

It will combine the mechanics of a quality FMV game along with the point and click aspects of great adventure game. Add to that a handful of quick-decision moments which will affect the game. 

The game is being solely produced by myself, of Tayanna Studios. The script is in place, the main characters are ready, and the cameras are already rolling, as you'll see from the campaign video above.

I'm hoping to have this all done by June 2019, and it will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac. Hopefully, depending on its success, it will be released on the PS4 and Xbox One, also.

However, to produce a full quality product, I will need funding to invest in more professional and suitable hardware such as film cameras, sound and lighting equipment. I'll also be able to hire out more locations and if the stretchgoals below are met, I'll even be able to hire other actors, including Larry Kenney, Lion-O from TV's Thundercats, who's already in talks with me and is ready to go, to perform a voice-over cameo within the game.

You can see the game now on Kickstarter:

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