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Forum - Inserting images into forum posts seems to put the post into a 'needing approval' state

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Hey there,

Not sure where to put this, but it seems when embedding images into a forum posts it declares the post will need approval first and the discussion is never posted.

Is someone on top of approving those? Because I wrote something up over a week ago but as yet it never found its way onto the forum.

Not a complaint - just a curiosity.



  • Are your images hosted elsewhere, and you're just trying to embed them here?

    There shouldn't be an issue there - where are they hosted?  If the "Image" tool button doesn't work, pasting the raw link text should be fine.
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    Morning @ChrisIceBox

    Ha. I just tried to paste the link in to answer your question and lo and behold in the bottom left corner of the screen I got a "Your comment will appear after it is approved." upon trying to post.

    Let's see if this works...

    And yes, all I was doing was pasting that link into the message & via the 'Image' button.
  • Sorry for the trouble.  I've upgraded your account, so it should bypass moderation checks from now on.
  • @ChrisIceBox No trouble at all. Thank you for looking into it!
  • I had the same issue lately when trying to post something. I thought I did something wrong but I got such a "Your comment will appear after it is approved." message, too.
  • @MAC ; - I've verified yours as well.
  • Thanks.
  • I seem to be having the same issue. I made a post here yesterday and it said it was being held for moderation, still hasn't appeared.
  • @hightreason - verified and approved.
  • Yeah, I usually just repost it, it happens if you don't post quick enough or if the post is too big, can be quite difficult to make detailed reports sometimes.
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    I'm probably having the same problem  "Your comment will appear after it is approved." upon trying to post...ohh ...

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