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Videos & Hotspots

A quick one here - Is it possible to have the hotspots OVER the video? I know I can use the menu GUI and they appear on top but hotspots don't seem to be registered at all when overlaid over a video. I'm guessing it has something to do with layers.

Is there anyway around this or am I best off sticking to use menu GUI elements as a substitute?


  • Should be fine.  Just set the Video Player's Render Mode to Camera Far Plane, the Camera to MainCamera, and make sure the ActionList doesn't block gameplay once the Engine: Play movie clip Action has started.
  • Hi Chris...Following on from this year-old conversation, is it possible to do the same with 2D sprites? (i.e Overlaying sprites over the top of video).

    They seem to go 'behind' the video once the player starts playing.

  • Can confirm - though this may be a bug with Unity, as I'd have thought they should display if closer to the camera than the far clip plane distance.

    A workaround would be to instead set the Video Player's Render Mode to Render Texture, assign a new RenderTexture, then assign that texture in a new Material, applied on a Quad in your scene to act as your background instead.

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