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Version 1.63.0 - Editor improvements and new custom events

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Not much in the way of major new features this time, but the focus is on small improvement and refinements.

The biggest new feature in this update is the ability to locate all references made to a given inventory item or variable, which can be useful if you want to e.g. see if it's safe to remove one.

The full changelog:

Upgrade notes
  • The scrolling direction of the ActionList Editor has been reversed for consistency with other windows - but can be set back in the Actions Manager
  • The InventoryBox menu element's "Only show items referenced in Interactions" property is now hidden if it is not directly clicked to run interactions

  • Added: Ability to search for references made to individual variables and inventory items
  • Added: Dialog windows to report the completion of the "Gather text" and "Reset text" operations in the Speech Manager
  • Added: Usability improvements for fixing a project if the References asset file is accidentally deleted
  • Changed: The scrolling direction of the ActionList Editor has been reversed for consistency with other windows - but can be set back in the Actions Manager
  • Changed: The relative speeds of scrolling and panning in the ActionList Editor have been made more consistent with one another
  • Changed: Console messages written by the Game Editor outside of play mode are now always shown, regardless of Debug settings
  • Changed: Touch-screen settings now appear further up the Settings Manager
  • Fixed: The Settings Manager's "Turning type" field not appearing if using first-person movement in conjunction with custom touch-screen input
  • Fixed: "ActionList: Set parameter" Action not auto-generating Constant IDs for scene objects assigned to ActionList assets via scene-based ActionLists
  • Fixed: Error when attempting to open a scene that has been deleted but still present in the Build Settings
  • Fixed: Minor annoyances when wiring output sockets in the ActionList Editor window
  • -Fixed: Actions Manager’s "Search all instances" button missing certain ActionList asset files
  • Fixed: Compilation warnings with the Unity 2018.2 beta

  • Added: Ability to use per-icon "Unhandled interactions" in "Choose Hotspot Then Interaction" mode provided "Auto-hide Interaction icons based on Hotspot?" is unchecked
  • Added: Ability to define multiple tags and component names for Triggers that react to them
  • Fixed: Minor interaction issues if a game has no Player character

  • Added: Ability for "Hotspot Based" InventoryBox menu elements to be limited by category
  • Changed: If Inventory items are combined via "Hotspot Based" InventoryBox menu elements, self-combining is permitted
  • Changed: The InventoryBox menu element's "Only show items referenced in Interactions" property is now hidden if it is not directly clicked to run interactions
  • Fixed: Inventory items that the player can only carry one of becoming lost if another is removed from a Container
  • Fixed: ContainerItem class's GetLinkedInventoryItem method searching the player's inventory, as opposed to the original list of items in the Inventory Manager
  • Fixed: Display issues with inventory menus limited by category

  • Added: Method to MenuDialogList to aid with retrieving Conversation option data associated with a given DialogList element slot
  • Added: Ability for AC menu elements with multiple slots to show background textures per-slot, rather than per-element
  • Fixed: The "OnMenuTurnOff" event firing repeatedly if a Menu's FadeOut method is called while already fading out
  • Fixed: Graphic menu elements not being able to display RenderTextures when linked to Unity UI RawImage components
  • Fixed: Hotspot labels showing "Walk to" prefix when hovering over Inventory items

  • Added: OnContainerRemoveFail custom event - called whenever an Inventory item cannot be removed from a Container
  • Added: OnCharacterSetPath and OnCharacterEndPath custom events - called when a character starts and stops moving along a path
  • Added: OnCompleteScenePreload custom event - called once a request to preload a scene has completed
  • Added: OnSetHardwareCursor event - called whenever the Hardware cursor’s texture is changed

  • Added: Ability to set the name of the "Speech" and "Lipsync" Resources subfolders in which speech files are automatically pulled from
  • Fixed: Speech Manager's "Gather text" button missing certain ActionList asset files
  • Fixed: Dialogue not ending in extremely rare circumstances
  • Fixed: Minor issue with character expressions

  • Added: Method to the NPC script to get the character they are currently following
  • Added: Ability to set the position of the simulated cursor, which is used for Keyboard Or Controller input
  • Fixed: Positioning issues with Follow Sorting Map components attached to sprites with a non-zero local position
  • Fixed: First-person head-bobbing not working correctly in some cases
  • Fixed: Possibility of floating-point precision errors
  • Fixed: Minor issues with the demo scenes


  • Update seems to have reset my player starts to number rather than name.

  • I've started upgrading to the latest version and noticed some optimization leftovers considering the removal of unnecessary usings, cleared "using UnityEditor" in some places, there are leftovers of empty #if UNITY_EDITOR... that being: tk2DIntegration.cs, VarPreset.cs, ACDebug.cs, GameCamera25D.cs, ActionCheckTemplate.cs

    Also some scripts are missing renewed copyright years, that would be: Highlight.cs,  VarPreset.cs, LocalVariable.cs, WorldSpaceCursorExample.cs, UltimateFPSIntegration.cs, tk2DIntegration.cs, Resource.cs, PlayMakerIntegration.cs, OuyaIntegration.cs, FaceFXIntegration.cs, DrawStraightLine.cs, CSVReader.cs, ClickByHoveringCursorExample.cs, SelectiveLoad.cs, RememberVisibility.cs, RememberTrigger.cs, RememberTransform.cs, RememberSound.cs, RememberShapeable.cs, RememberNPC.cs, RememberName.cs, RememberMoveable.cs, RememberMaterial.cs, RememberConversation.cs, RememberContainer.cs, RememberCollider.cs, ParticleSwitch.cs, Moveable.cs, MenuLink.cs, LimitVisibility.cs, LightSwitch.cs, Invisible.cs, AlignToCamera.cs, StaticObstacle.cs, SortingMap.cs, SortingArea.cs, PlayerStart.cs, NavMeshSegment.cs, NavigationMesh.cs, Marker.cs, _Collision.cs, Moveable_PickUp.cs... I sort of gave up at this point :)
  • @ZcheK: Did you apply changes to the root PlayerStart prefab?  Importing the full update will revert back to the default settings.  You can normally get by just re-importing the Scripts folder.

    @Teshla: Thanks for pointing those out.  Unnused namespaces were automatically removed, but it seems the #if lines weren't.  It shouldn't affect the optimisation of builds, however.
  • Version 1.63.1:

    Upgrade notes
    • The Dialog script’s GenerateLipSyncShapes method’s parameters have been altered
    • The SpeechLine script’s public GetFilename method has been replaced with GetAutoAssetPathAndName

    • Added: Ability to override the default cursor icon when hovering over InventoryBox menu elements
    • Added: Function to ActionListManager script to clear data related to skippable Cutscenes
    • Added: Ability to override the Speech Manager's GetAutoAssetPathAndNameOverride function, which is used to retrieve audio and lipsync auto-filepaths
    • Added: Method to PlayerMenus script to retrieve all Menus associated with a given Speech instance
    • Added: Method to Char script to retrieve a character's currently-spoken line
    • Added: Minor script optimisations
    • Changed: If the "Container: Add or remove" Action is used to transfer all a Container’s items to the Player, those that the player is already carrying are not affected
    • Changed: The Dialog script's GenerateLipSyncShapes method's parameters have been altered
    • Changed: The SpeechLine script's public GetFilename method has been replaced ith GetAutoAssetPathAndName
    • Fixed: Errors when auto-creating ActionList assets if the Unity Project settings were accessed immediately beforehand
    • Fixed: Playmaker-linked Variables not updating correctly when assigned a preset
    • Fixed: InputBox menu elements still responding to input when its Menu is turned off
    • Fixed: "Grounded" state being incorrect for characters that make use of Unity's Character Controller
    • Fixed: "Use original language audio if none found?" option for Speech Manager not working for Rogo Digital LipSync assets
    • Fixed: Actions Manager's "Search instances" feature returning false positives
    • Fixed: Rare issues when building to WebGL in Unity 2018.1
    • Fixed: Playback issues with Sapi-based lipsyncing
  • Nice updates :smile:
  • Version 1.63.2:
    • Added: Minor UI tweaks to the Conversation Inspector and Variables Manager
    • Added: The "Variable: PopUp switch" Action now only lists PopUp variables to choose from
    • Fixed: "Destination accuracy" value being used incorrectly with "Straight To Cursor" movement, and the "Character: Move to point" Action
    • Fixed: Re-arranging a timed Conversation's options causing a change in the default dialogue option
    • Fixed: "Target direction factor" camera option not working for 2D characters that do not rotate in 3D space
    • Fixed: Conflict between the Follow Tint Map and Sprite Fader components
    • Fixed: Error when converting Global Variables to Local Variables and vice-versa
    • Fixed: Rare issue with the "Character: Move to point" Action if it relies on parameters and is viewed in the Inspector at runtime
    • Fixed: Issues with the "Undo" feature of the ActionList Editor
  • Great update...Keep up the good work Chris!
    • Fixed: Issues with the "Undo" feature of the ActionList Editor
    Praise the sun!
  • Well, I have a game design ready with all music and graphics already prepped and ready to go.  I download the most recent version of Unity and AC and open up the 2D demo (it's a 2D game) just to check it out and apparently, it's broken.  It shows a silhouette of Brain who falls through the ground and into nothingness.

    The 3D demo in the meantime works perfectly.  Any chance this will be patched?  Or am I doing something wrong?  Thanks.  Been a few years since I cracked this open and figured since I now have all the assets I need to make a game, I better start putting it together.  
  • @SFG: Did you load up the 2D Demo's Managers before opening the scene?  Each game requires its own Managers, and the 2D Demo can be loaded properly via the top toolbar and choosing Adventure Creator -> Getting started -> Load 2D Demo.

    For more, please see the "Running the demo games" chapter of the Manual.
  • edited June 2018
    I'd like a request a change for the next update. With the "variable: check random number', when you are changing the number of possible values, it will erase the setting of values lower than the number you are inputting. For example, I have 10 possible values all set up and I try to input 11, but as I type the first 1 every other value but the first will be reset and I need to set them all up again.

    So I think it would be better if the variables settings were remembered.

  • @ZcheK: Recreated, but unsure how possible it is to solve since it relies on Unity's Editor tools as well - I will look into it however.  One way around it is to write the new value somewhere else and copy/paste it into the Action's field.
  • LOL, wow, is this something that was added in the past 3 years?  I don't remember that from the tutorials I did way back, oh well, thank you, that worked perfectly.  Lots to re-learn with the engine, this time it's straight up sprite work and not trying to get Spriter to behave inside Unity.  It's a MacVenture style game this time around, so I'm going to have to read up on how to customize the user interface.  

    I'll probably pop on the forums if I hit a brick wall in the next week or so.  :smiley: 

    Thanks again! 
  • @SFG: The convenience of assigning the Demo Managers a via toolbar link wasn't in the earliest release, but the need to rely on separate Manager assets for each game has always been the case.
  • For the dissapearing item lists in editor: Would this help? (Cant recall which is the oldest version this one is avaliable on, but I think it appeared somewhere around 5.x)

  • Great spot @Teshla!  I had another workaround in mind, but this could well be the better approach.
  • Something very minor, so I didn't bother to start a new thread.

    Char.cs has this:

    public void EndPath ()
                EndPath (null);

    and this

    public void EndPath (Paths optionalPath)

    These can be simplified into

    public void EndPath (Paths optionalPath=null)

    Just for simpler code readability

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