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Moving an entire Path

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Hi all,

Is there a way that I can move an entire path in one move of the path GameObject - as it stands this only moves the root node (node 0) and all the other nodes in the path stay in the world space regardless of where the path gameobject is moved to. I presume this is all set to world space to ensure no issues when giving the coordinates to the NPCs to walk to however I wondered if there is any workaround to enable moving of an entire path? I have a few similar paths around my level and it would be very helpful to simply duplicate a path and drag all nodes at once (and even rotate) instead of having to essentially place each individual node separately (so in essence just drawing out a completely new path route).

I had a look in the Paths script and tried changing the transform.position to transform.localPosition however unsurprisingly  this didn't work. Thanks in advance.



  • It's not currently possible.  I shall look to see if it can be extended, however.
  • Thanks Chris, obviously if it's only me asking then keep this at the bottom of your long list as I can still get what I want to work (it just means some tedious work in setting out new paths which isn't the worst thing).
  • I would really love this too, or even a hack/workaround that allows it to be possible.
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    It's proving tricky, but I'm still looking into it.

    EDIT: Moving is certainly possible, but incorporating scale/rotation changes as well is what's difficult.
  • @ChrisIceBox

    Hey Chris, I've been away from my project but got back into it these last 2 months. Just realised you have introduced the option to lock the nodes on a path to allow for moving of an entire path. As you referred to above it seems rotation/scale is still an issue however just a quick message to say thanks for the implementation that we currently have. You're awesome dude!
  • oh great, im going to try this out now its feasible!! Thanks!!

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