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Conversation between npc without action of player

Hello, another question. I want to two npc are having a conversation, just generic "blabla" maybe with speech bubbles or just the text lines next to them. Is that possible? Is there a tutorial? Thank you!


  • Do you mean during gameplay, so that the player can continue to move around?

    You can create Dialogue: Play speech Actions that loop onto each other in a new Cutscene, and set that Cutscene's When running field to Run In Background so that it doesn't interfere with gameplay.

    Your Subtitles menu can also be configured to only show for background speech, or for speech only said by specific characters.  To make a "background only" Subtitles menu which you can re-style to be less prominent, copy the existing Subtitles menu and change its For speech of type field to Background Only.

    Don't forget to also change your original Subtitle menu's field to Blocking Only so that it doesn't show for both types of speech.
  • great thank you! Soon I present a trailer of my new game.
  • You can post a new thread about it in the Games showcase section.
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