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Multiple Visible Containers?

Hi there,
Right now I have a scene set up with a visible Container (to show a bunch of trophies in-scene) by doing a Container:Open and then a Menu:Change State > Turn On Menu to open my Unity UI in Scene menu.
Now, I want to have two Containers in my scene, both using different Unity UIs in Scene.
How can I "assign" a Container 1 to one menu and Container 2 to another instead of all the items showing up in one UI?
I feel like this is something someone else must have dealt with before but I can;t find the answer in a search.
Thank you!


  • Currently, it's not possible.  I should like to look into enabling this, however - thanks for the suggestion.
  • Thank you!
  • Yeah, this'll be possible in the next release - albiet via code.

    It'll essentially involve assigning, through script, a Container to a MenuInventoryBox element to override whatever is considered the "active" Container.  To have two open at once, you'll have a couple of options:
    1. Create two separate Menus
    2. Create one Menu and, again through script, duplicate them procedurally for each Container in your scene.  This method is a little more complicated, but allows for as many as you like.  A new feature also included will allow you to "register" a runtime-created Menu with the PlayerMenus script to auto-handle all the display / click-handling etc duties.
    Bump this thread if you need some help with the scripting once it's out.
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