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Is adventure creator dead?

I was planning to buy this add-in , but I see that there is no updates, comments are old, there are no promotions/discounts.
Is Adventure Creator dead already?


  • Huh? Adventure Creator was updated a few weeks ago, and there are new comments every day. Maybe you're looking at an old version or something?
  • An update is currently in the works, and AC is included in Unity asset sales frequently.  Most recently, it has been made available at a discount for Unity Plus subscribers.

    An update to the "Creating a 3D game tutorial" for modern versions of Unity is also being produced.
  • Nope, it is not. Not at all.
    It is much more alive than the adventure games genre :wink:
  • Oh, heck no!  Just because we don't comment about it here, doesn't mean it isn't used frequently or talked about in other places... One of my YouTube tutorials on it gets hundreds of views a month... it's current total is over 13,000 views.  There is so much interest, I featured it in my recent Udemy course.  AGS is the most popular adventure game engine because it is free, but it is hard to use, out of date and clunky!  People are beginning to wake up to the refreshing artist-centric solution that is Adventure Creator!
  • @davk Always check the Releases section in the asset store (in the new asset store page), it shows the current version of the asset and when it was last updated. If you take a look the last update wasn't all that long ago. Considering that some assets update only once a month (sometimes once a few months), AC actually gets updates really often...
  • The community might not be as lively as AGS, but the asset is always getting updated and the asset developer is always answering questions here, it's definetly not dead at all.
  • edited April 2018
     davk Of course it's not!  I think , on the contrary, AC never stood better than now with regular updates..
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