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SFX slider change is not immediate

Here's a gif to illustrate the problem:
This is the default's audio source volume being shown on the right.
The value slowly iterates towards the one of the slider instead of getting the value of the slider right away when slider is no longer moving.
This presents a problem because I had to use a custom script to make hover sounds for UI buttons and if player decides to set SFX volume to zero and then hovers over a button he is going to hear the sound.

AC version 1.59a
Unity 5.6.1f1


  • Thanks for the report, I'll look into it.
  • I wasn't sure if I should create a new build, but I've found another bug regarding the sound volume:
    If a character starts to speak and in the middle of it player goes to menu and changes speech volume and then goes back to the game, the volume only will change on the next phrase (dialog node).
  • OK, I'll see to this as well.

    Was there ever a solution to this? We're having the exact same problem with our games at the moment - they use a customhoversound script (I think you wrote it, iirc!) for Unity UI in Scene buttons, but the SFX slider being set to zero doesn't effect them.

  • edited November 2021

    The reported issues were fixed in the following release, but they involved delayed updating, rather than a particular SFX not being affected

    Post a new thread with full details of the issue, and the script involved, and I can take a look.

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