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Camera move with anticipation and reaction


How can I modify camera curve motion with anticipation and reaction?
For ex: We want move camera from left to right: In first, move a little to invert direction (anticipation) and move to right and pass from target (reaction) a little and finally back to target.

I can't build this curve motion in action editor ( camera/switch)


  • During when, a transition from one camera to another?

    Currently only overshooting is possible - if you set the Camera: Switch Action's Transition method to Custom Curve, a mid-curve value of >1 will cause it to go past the destination camera and come back in on itself.

    I'll see it's possible for values <0 to go in the opposite direction.  Otherwise, if you know where the camera's going to start from you can animate the motion using the Animator system.
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    No. I only want use one camera.
    Please see this image. I want camera move from 1 to 11

  • So what's the target doing, just moving to the right?  And which camera type are you talking about?

    It will be possible to do this by switching camera in the next update, but as this is unique behaviour for a gameplay camera, you'll need to add it as a custom camera if you want it to work for a single camera.  See the "Custom cameras" chapter of the Manual for more.
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    Yes. Moving to right but with anticipation and reaction.
    Thanks for add to next update and guide to manual.
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