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Journal Stopped Working After Upgrade

After I upgraded AC to version 1.60.7, my journal pages no longer work. The text is still there in the inspector. The right number of pages are there evidenced by the arrow disappearing after clicking it to go left enough times. But all the pages are blank now. There's no text at all.

Any idea?


  • When I add a journal page with an action list same thing. There is another page added because I can scroll one page further, but it is also blank.
  • Upgraded again to 1.61.0. Didn't fix it. I didn't expect it would.
  • And which version of Unity?  You'll have to give more detail about how your journal is set up - I can't see any issue from these details alone.

    If you're mentioning the Inspector, I take it you're using Unity UI to display it.  If the Text component is correct, then it's correctly linking but not displaying, in which case it may be to do with Unity UI.  You'll have to check the component values to see what's wrong.

    Is the text's colour alpha value zero?  Is there a Canvas Group Fader component somewhere with an Alpha of zero?  If you set the Menu's Source field temporarily back to Adventure Creator, does it then display as it should?
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    Unity version is 5.6.3p2

    Sorry, I mispoke when i said Inspector. I meant manager. Although I am using a Unity prefab. The text does NOT show up in the inspector. The menu is not setting the text. It's not a color or alpha issue.

    Here's a picture of the journal

    Changing it to Adventure creator temporarily does make the text show up for the first page, although halfway off the screen and I have no idea where it's drawing the buttons, but the text does show up.

    No changes have been made to this journal for weeks or longer. It just suddenly stopped working when I upgraded AC.
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    Here you can see that the text is set with a ConstantID:

    here you can see the text box, with that constant ID, with no text in it:
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    Or rather I should say that the menu is setting the text to an empty string rather than it is not setting the text. There is default text I have in there at design time which is not there at runtime. So it is setting that text box, but it is setting the text to an empty string.
  • I need to see full details - not snippets.  Please PM me your Menu Manager asset along with the Journal's UI canvas prefab, so that I can go through it properly.
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