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Updating AC - is it safe when trying to just get the menu updates?

I'm aware that you can untick most things when updating AC. I'm in an urgent need of getting that one new update that fixes autoselecting of the first menu element for keyboard based games but... I'm kinda scared ;) Which option will I keep ticked when doing so? (there's like a million things in there and I don't want to mess this up at this point).

Sorry for asking about something so silly! ;)

(I'm on version 1.56g currently, Unity 5.6.0f3


  • First of all, always back up your project before any upgrade.  That's true of any software/project.

    AC's scripts are interconnected, so it's generally unwise to just import one or a selection of files rather than the whole thing.  But if you've made a backup, try Scripts/Controls/PlayerMenus, and then the whole Scripts/Menu folder.  I can't provide support for a half-installed asset, however.

    Safer to just update completely, though.  Be sure to go over the "Upgrade notes" in the Changelof between v1.56g and the latest release.  Also be aware that the upcoming v1.61.0 release will also bring further improvements to direct-navigation of menus.  You can PM me for a beta test package if you wish.
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