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When voice files play ,speech text doesnt appear.

Hello Chris 

i had created a dialogue using speech text.I  imported the mp3 voice files and renamed them to match with the
speech lines at the script sheet .After that when the voice files play the speech text doesnt show.When ever in the dialogue 
i dont use a voice file the speech text appears.

Any thoughts?


  • For future reference, please post questions like this in Technical Q&A - this category is more intended for general adventure game discussion.

    If "Subtitles" are disabled in the Options menu (or at the bottom of the Settings Manager), they won't show if there's associated audio.

    You can either enable the Subtitles option, or find your Subtitles Menu in the Menu Manager and check Ignore 'Subtitles' option?.
  • Sorry for posting here Chris , next time i will do as you told me.

    Subtitles are ok now thx a lot .

    I wish you a happy new year!!!
  • If someone has this problem. You need to turn on "Show subtitles" in options data in settings tab.
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