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Can't make paths anymore

Hi, I am on an old version 1.54c, I have not made a path in a LONG time. Today I tried to make one and it doesnt seem to work right, I cant move the nodes around (the main x,y,z thing is always on the path itself and never on the nodes), I remember I used to just add one, then I could move it easily to make a path. Is there something specific I need to do to make path making work again? I will upgrade if need be, I just need to move over my own custom optimisations.


  • No change comes to mind - should all work as before.  Do the points move if you edit their position values in the Inspector?  What version of Unity?

    If you have the "Hand" gizmo (top-far left) selected, then the only Translate gizmos in your scene should be for the nodes, not the GameObject.

    As you are using an old version, you should at least try it in the latest release - even if it's a backup/duplicate project just to work with.
  • Unity 2017.2, if I edit the nodes in the paths script they move, but if I select a white box, then no controls appear. I am not using the hand but the x,y,z move one. Using hand gizmo none at all show. It's weird.
  • That's an old version to be using with a recent Unity release - again, try it with the latest AC (even if it's in a backup/test project).  I can't recreate the issue - is the "Paths" gizmo enabled in the Scene window's Gizmo dropdown?
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