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AC 1.60.6 = No more zero turn speed to avoid turning... Why?? :-O

Hi there,

I'm using Sprites Unity for the only reason my characters are Spine skeletons, so they don't integrate with any built-in movement system in AC.

Thing is, to avoid them being turned when moving I've been using a zero turn speed until now.

But this...:


...royally screwed up my stuff and now I have this on screen:


Please, please, could you add an option to not do that? You can't take for granted that every one of us will want their characters being turned using AC character controllers! :P

Thank you.


  • All right, all right.  I'll change it so that a negative turn speed causes instant turning.

    In the meantime, you can disable it my commenting out line 1382 in Char.cs.
  • Thanks, he he!   ;)
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