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Hotspot Centre point (override)

edited November 2017 in Technical Q&A
I tried to use the Center Point Override feature of the hotspot but it does not seem to work.
In the upgrade notes version 1.60.3 I read that if it exists the character should turn to it but in reality it always turns to the hotspot.
I've tried both with "Walk To" and "Walk to marker" + Face after moving.
One observation, using "Walk to" the character seems to slide a bit at certain times (random) and when it reaches the hotspot it still takes a few steps in place. This does not happen with Walk to marker that work fine.
Anyway, did I misread Centre Point Override?
It would not be possible to integrate this feature at all times, not only with "Walk to" but also with "Walk to marker" or even with "Turn to Face"?


  • When set to "Walk To Marker", the Player turns to face the direction that the Marker points to.  I agree that the "Turn To Face" option should rely on the Centre-point override, though.

    You're using screen-space, right?  I can't reproduce the problem.  Try placing the override Transform on the other side of the scene - does the player still face the wrong direction?
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