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Very imprecise navmesh after update

edited November 2017 in Engine development
Hi Chris, I've been using very thin horizontal navmeshes to create a side-scroller type of game. I was using AC v 1.59b, and these settings:


This was working perfectly. The player would always move to the x point that I clicked (most of the time the click was above the navmesh, since it was a very thin strip). The player would be very responsive to every click too. After updating to 1.60.2, the player never reaches its proper destination anymore - they either stop before the point or keep walking farther than they should. Sometimes they move to the opposite direction. They also don't respond to every click: sometimes it takes two or three clicks for them to change direction while walking.

I took a look at the update notes, and I think this change might be the cause: Added: Performance boost to off-NavMesh clicking

I'm very sure the update is the cause because I restored a backup from 10 days ago (v. 1.59b), checked if it was working (it was), and then updated to 1.60.2. After the update, it was no longer working, and changing settings such as "destination accuracy" doesn't fix it. Any help would be appreciated!


  • This is more or less the behavior I'm seeing at the moment (x is the click location):

  • What size is your player character in comparison with the Brain2D player character, and what Unity version are you using?
  • Unity 2017.1.0p4

    This is Brain2D next to the player character:


    And this is the character's circle colider:


    When I started working on my game, I originally set all sprites to 20px per unit, but the characters kept getting stuck in the navmesh (presumably because it was too thin), so I changed everything to 5px per unit and redid all the navmeshes. That was working well until the recent update.
  • Thanks - yes, it's an issue with Unity 5.6 and later.  It'll be fixed in AC v1.60.3.
  • Thank you!
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