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[SOLVED] Directions reversed in Face Direction action in 1.38

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Pretty simple bug description: The Character: Face Direction script has its left and right axis reversed.

Every character who used to be facing Right in my game is now facing Left, while the action is still set to Right. And setting it to Left flips them to the Right side :)

Same happens with the Character: Animate action. An animationclip with _L animates to the right, _R to the left.


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    It continues...

    My NPC moving to a marker to his left gets flipped in 3D space, like he's a sheet of paper and you're looking at his edge. The player seems unaffected. Once I reset the NPC to idle and have him face right at the end of the cutscene he flips back to the correct axis again.

    And in the background you can see a character that has shifted upwards for some reason after the update. It's as though her sprite is being pushed up above her circle collider, though disabling that does nothing. Weirdly enough, disabling her Follow Sorting Map script fixes it.
  • Annoying.  I can't actually recreate these bugs - is it possible these are to do with the way you've set your characters up?  The Change rendering and Face direction Actions work just fine with the Brain2D player prefab.

    PM me the characters in question, if you can.
  • Another thing to let me know about with the character flipping issue: is it possible that the root GameObject is flipped in scale?
  • Actually, I've discovered just now that it is the Character:Animate function that's the culprit. In one scene I have a character face a direction, then animate him with a custom clip. This clip is made to face left, but the NPC script is set the right mirrors left, and having the character first face right before playing the animation always made it flip in the correct direction. That doesn't happen anymore in 1.38.
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