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Bug in Update with Player Facing Wrong Direction

I posted this to the Official News page about the latest update, maybe I should have posted this here.  Sorry.

I think I found a bug in the latest update. 

I'm in 2D mode and it has to do with the character not facing the correct direction. 
The player has diagonal directions, which have all worked up until the last update. 

When the player walks and idles he can stop in diagonal directions just fine, but the bug seems to be when he is instructed to do so. 

Many of the markers corresponding to hotspots are to 45, -45, 135, -135 degrees, in order to indicate diagonal directions. The hotspots are checked "walk to marker" and "face direction", but he can only face U, D, L, R.  The UR, UL, DR, DL directions don't work.  Also, when I use the Action "Character: Face Direction",  it ignores the UR, UL, DR, DL directions and makes him face U, D, L, or R. 

I restarted UNITY and then my computer (just in case) and the problem persists.

What could be causing this?

Thanks for any response.

OS X El Capitan, Macbook Pro Mid-2012
Unity version 2017.1.0f3 Personal
Adventure Creator version 1.59e


  • Thanks for posting.  This is (I believe) due to a new feature that was introduced in v1.59b.

    Characters in 2D games now account for the scene's perspective - meaning if the scene has a large range in scale (i.e. a small change in the y-axis causes a large character scale change), then rotations are updated to reflect that.  It's more obvious if >8 directions are used, but characters should face a more perspective-correct direction now.

    The impact of this effect is inversely-proportional to the Vertical movement factor, which can be set globally (in the Settings Manager), or locally (in the Scene Manager).

    What is yours currently set to?  The default value of 0.7 shouldn't cause any such change.  I'll consider making this new feature optional, however, if there is a need for it.
  • Thanks for responding incredibly quickly and concisely.  Always a pleasure.  Your explanation made a lot of sense. 

    After you explained this, I tested out your explanation and that is indeed the culprit to my conundrum.  However, this new feature complicates things. For example: 

    My scenes are all hand drawn and the perspective point is not always located in the same spot on the Y axis, meaning the Vertical Reduction Factor changes based on the scene. The Vertical Reduction Factor impacts the speed with which my character appears to walk and the value of 0.7 makes it look likes he's gliding over the ground in most of my scenes. 

    The "Face Direction" action also responds to the new feature, meaning that you can't seem to force the character to idle in diagonal directions unless the Vertical Movement Factor is set to 0.7.  This is an issue during Cutscenes.  

    Those are my thoughts.  Thanks again for the prompt response. 

    It would be amazing if you could make a checkbox to toggle this feature. 

  • Yeah - it probably should have been optional to begin with.  Still, I'd like to know what factor the problem begins at for you, if possible.
  • The Vertical Reduction Factor affects the positioning of my character around 0.5 and below.  It some of the scenes a factor of 0.5 seems to work and everything is back to norma.  However, I have a few 0.3 and 0.4 scenes that it affects a lot. 

    Thanks again.  Hope that helps.  You have been tremendously helpful!
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