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Item Dropzone

Hello, I want to make the following in my FPS ac. Player should take item from ground and go to the Desk and use it with Desk (that complete quest and the item is placed on Desk now). Is that possible?


  • Yes, that is definitely possible, even if it doesn't really relate to your actual post title :P
  • Whether making a 2D, 3D, or FPS game the principle is generally the same: the item on the ground is a Hotspot that can be interacted with to add an item to the inventory.  That Hotspot gets disabled (using the Hotspot: Enable or disable Action) and the graphic gets hidden (Object: Set visibility or Object: Teleport).

    Using the item on the desk is then a matter of creating an inventory interaction for the desk (which is another Hotspot) that links to that item.  The object's mesh can then be placed on the desk using Object: Teleport.

    For more on inventory interactions, see Section 6.2 of the Manual.
  • @pxdn Chris is correct, you can either hide then show the object that is already on the desk (and remove it from inventory) or teleport the object from somewhere out of view to place it on the desk. Unless you meant, you pick up an actual rigidbody in the game world and then physically place it on the desk, like something in Half-Life 2? Not sure how to do that with AC in all honesty, though I haven't spent much time with an AC-driven first person game.
  • thank you
  • ChrisIceBox, no I mean the pickup item (physical object) that I can pickup and move. I want that when user drop the moveable item in a "dropzone" something happens, but only if the correct item is dropped there.
  • PickUp objects can be created from the Scene Manager - see the "PickUp objects" chapter of the Manual for more.
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