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Multiplayer Switch

Hello, I read that I can use multiply Player like DoTT. But I need not that the player in scene simply change. I need that the whole scene changes. Like Player Character JOHN is in scene HOTEL. In Hotel he pickup an item or use an item and then active Player Character switch from JOHN in HOTEL to OLIVA in BAR. Incl. loading scene and make player active. After OLIVA perform a dialogue with a NPC, the active player character becomes JOHN in HOTEL again.

Is that possible? If so, how? Thank you!!!


  • See the end of Section 3.1.2 (Players) in the Manual.

    Set Player switching to Allow in the Settings Manager, and you'll be able to assign each possible Player character as a prefab - and set one as the default.

    The Player: Switch Action can then be used to change the active player.  Options within that Action allow you to determine what happens if the new player hasn't been used before - including placing them in a new scene.  If data already exists for that player (e.g. what scene / position they're in), it will be automatically loaded.
  • Great! Thank you! Can I bound the player switch to a button in the ui? Like a little Portait?
  • Sure - any Button listed in the Menu Manager can have its Click type set to Run Action List.  See the Manual's Section 11 for more on UI/Menus.

    The Player: Check Action can also be used to determine the current player to dynamically alter which player is switched to, if you want the same button to toggle between two.
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