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Simple Cutscenes/ActionLists question

I've been learning how to use Adventure Creator in the past couple of weeks, and I've been managing, but sometimes I worry I'm doing things in a "hacky" way and not following any best practices.

Re: Cutscenes and Actionlists, how exactly are they different other than the fact that you can't add ActionLists to "On start" and "On load" under "Scene cutscenes"? Other than On Start and On Load, are there any other situations where I should be using cutscenes instead of ActionLists?


  • ActionLists are the base name for all action chain objects - Cutscenes, Triggers, Interactions and ActionList assets.  When you say "ActionList", are you referring to asset files, or the base component.

    ActionList assets can be set in your "On start" / "On load" fields - just set the ActionList source field above to Asset File.

    ActionList assets are generally only used when you want to run Actions regardless of what scene you're currently in.

    The difference between "Cutscenes" and "ActionLists" (the base class) are quite large in that Cutscenes provide you with many properties such as whether or not it's skippable and can use parameters.  You should always use Cutscenes over the base ActionList class just so that you can tweak those if necessary.
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