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Questions about future console support.

I wanted to ask, does anyone know any games using adventure creator has been released on consoles? Searching the forum I can see that it does not "officially' support consoles from Chris, but there is a potential that it will work, its just the save system may be a problem. I am curious if anyone has actually ported it themselves unofficially.

So far the engine is great! Just holding back a little to make sure about these few deets. 

If you're reading this Chris also, I could probably find the emails of the Sony and Microsoft reps if you're interesting about inquiring about getting devkits to add official support!



  • The v1.59 release introduced a new save system that allows you to (separately) override AC's save-serialization and file-handling processes using custom interface subclasses.  This is covered in Section 9.9 of the Manual.

    The aim with this overhaul is to empower devs with the ability to implement a custom save solution either for their platform of choice, including consoles.  By all means PM me your contacts, but with or without official support, the intention is still to be able to have AC working on consoles with no more than one or two custom scripts.
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