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Container always visible?

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Hi there,

Is there any way to keep the contents of a Container always visible on screen?
I am using a Unity UI menu for my On Container Menu and this Container canvas is rendered in World Space as the container is a physically existing object in my game's world where the contents appear to be laid out on a table.
However, when I turn on any other Menu (ie. Inventory, Speech), it automatically closes the Container regardless of whether it is Locked On or not.
If there is a workaround to keeping the Container always visible, please let me know! Thanks!


  • When a Menu is locked, it prevents that Menu from opening even when its own Appear type setting matches the current condition - it doesn't prevent the Menu from being shut.

    What is the Menu's Appear type value?  If you want complete control over when it's displayed, set it to Manual.
  • Ah, thanks for the clarification on the locked setting.

    The Menu's Appear Type is currently set to On Container.
    If I set it to Manual, what would be the next step to set the Menu to open as my container menu? Seems like a Container>Open -> Turn On Menu doesn't do the trick.
    Thank you!
  • You still need to open the actual container: use the Container: Open Action, followed by Menu: Change state.
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