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Help me upgrade old Adventure Creator game to latest version of Unity/AC? (PAID opportunity)


This is a bit of an odd request and possibly a bit of a long shot too but I thought I'd give it a try...

A while back I put together an educational adventure game called "War Game" which is inspired by the book of the same name by children's author Michael Foreman and covers events leading to the famous "1914 Christmas Truce". It's a lovely game, if somewhat rough around the edges, and aims to pluck at your heartstrings, educate and entertain you in equal measure.

You can find out more as well as check out some screenshots here:

Now the problem is that it was aiming to be a webplayer game and webplayer got dropped during the development of the project. There's a standalone windows version, but even that seems to have issues these days.

Sadly I am currently 100% focused on two other projects and as much as I want to get this game up and running again I just don't have the time at the moment. So... I am looking for an AC ninja to take over the project and modernise it to latest Unity / AC so it will work properly on today's hardware (PC as a first step, but ideally iPad too)

I can

1) Pay you for your work


2) Discuss an arrangement where we actually look to put the game on say Steam/iOS and we revenue share (this would require a bit more than just upgrading the project as it *is* a bit rough like I say, but if I can source a dedicated AC dev to work on the technical side of it, I can also attach art support to the project so together we can make it "appstore ready")

If you're interested, before we can proceed I will

1) ask to see your AC credentials (have you created any other AC games? any other relevant experience?) and 

2) share you the codebase so you can take a look and give me an idea of how much work the upgrade will require

Feel free to message me here or get in touch by following the contact information on this website:

Thanks for reading!

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