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Only select items in specific category?

Hi there,

I'm working to create a custom script that will allow me to manipulate menu UI content based on selected inventory items. To accomplish what I'm trying to do, I need to create several different inventory categories which is working really well. But I've run into a snag and can't seem to find an answer. 

Basically, for one of the categories, I link the items to Global Variables. It works perfectly. However, when I select an item in a category that doesn't need to be linked to a Global Variable, I'm getting log warnings ("Variable with ID=XX not found!) because Unity obviously can't find an associated variable for it. So, long story short, I'm looking for a way to add to:

AC.InvItem selectedItem = AC.KickStarter.runtimeInventory.SelectedItem; 
if (selectedItem != null)

in a way that also requires the item be in a specific category. Is this possible? I played a bit with InvItem.binID but couldn't seem to wrap my head around it. 

Many thanks in advance and sorry if I'm blind and the answer is super obvious :)


  • So in typical fashion, I figured this one out AFTER I posted. The answer was to create an inventory property that defined which items should be ignored by the script. 

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