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QTE - holding left on the xBox controller problem

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Hello again! ;)

I'm a little stuck...

I've got a couple of QTEs in the game. They work fine with the keyboard, but as I'm making the game that also supports xBox controller I don't know how to make it work. The problem is that the QTE is asking the player to hold left arrow/left stick pushed (for about 6 seconds) to take a swing with a knife.

This is the action I'm using:

And here's input settings for the QTE:

My aim is to have both keyboard and joystick to the same thing, but joystick's refusing to co-operate on this one ;)

Any suggestions, friends?



  • Solved it myself by adding another action list running in the background (input: check axis/horizontal/less than 0) and waiting for a few seconds before triggering everything that QTE should trigger on completion. Sorry to have bothered you! ;)

  • @Rem

    I see you've got a workaround however I believe it is best in the long term to map input axes. I'm also supporting both keyboard and controller however I've done so by, for example, mapping the 'InteractionA' input to both 'A' button on the controller as well as the 'E' on the keyboard, I've done the same with the Right Analog Stick and Mouse Movement to both be mapped to the axes of 'Cursor Vertical' and 'Cursor Horizontal'. Therefore all I have to do is check the axis I want to check and it doesn;t matter whether the player is using a controller or keyboard as both are linked to the same axes.

    Hopefully that waffle made sense, if someone has spotted any mistake I've made then obviously feel free to clarify!
  • Only looked at your images after posting - off the top of my head I'm sure all you need to do is replicate the axis of StabLeft keeping the exact same name however map this to the controller's left stick. Again if I've misunderstood anything then I'm sure someone more experienced will correct me!

    FYI the screenshot of the game looks great! Think I'll keep an eye on this one.
  • Thanks for the advice! I wanted to map the axis really badly, still do, but I couldn't figure out for the life of me what to put in the input settings. I'd tried with Horizontal/ X axis but now that you mention Cursor Horizontal, I believe that's something I haven't thought of... But how would I state in the QTE action that I want only left direction for that matter?

    Also, yeah - I've mapped everything else to work with both keybaord (arrows and WASD) and controller.

    The beauty of Unity and AC is that there are ALWAYS workarounds, though ;) And it's fun finding them, even if they're not very professional ;)
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    I'm the King of unprofessional workarounds haha! I'm as far from a programmer as you can get so I'm constantly finding workarounds that I can imagine most proper programmers would likely scoff at! Yes you're right though the ability for us to do such things is one of the great things about Unity and AC and one of the main reasons I enjoy both so much.

    As for your issue I think I see your problem, I was talking about setting up axes for a controller analog stick as simply one axis for vertical and another for horizontal however as you rightly point out how would you then be able to use that in the QTE action to only trigger when the axis is used in one direction only (so in your example left)? I'm definitely not equipped with the knowledge to help here, particularly as I'm currently typing at work without Unity and AC in front of me to play around with so hopefully someone more experienced can help. It is hopefully something simple however worst case I'm sure Chris can potentially implement this in a future release to edit the QTE action to be able to specify an axis direction in the QTE?

    Apologies if I've made this whole thing far more complicated than it is!

  • Yeah, should be something I can add support for.
  • Thanks, Chris! ;) That would be very helpful!


    I'm sure there are more people like us quietly lurking and learning from threads like this ;) I know that whenever I get stuck Ithe first thing I do is search through here.

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