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Post-Apocalyptic Jam 2017

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Hi all,

I've just set up this four-week game jam: Post-Apocalyptic Jam 2017

It would be great to see some adventure game entries - I might in fact do something myself, even if I am the organiser ...


  • This sounds great actually. However, since I'm working (on & off) on a post-apocalyptic game, I don't want to overdose on that (nuka-cola flavoured) aesthetic. Will definitely play these entries though, sounds right up my alley - hopefully there's some real thought in there and not just mindless zombie shooter stuff.
  • A mindless zombie shooter game with an original twist might actually score very high on creativity ... :))

    Absolutely take it seriously if your dosimeter says you're near the limit with this type of setting, but really glad to hear you'll be checking the entries out - and voting will be open for everyone.
  • edited July 2017

    If it has an original twist then it's not mindless. B-)

    Looking forward to it anyway, I hope you make an entry this time!

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