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Switching focus on Unity UI Container

I'm having an issue with switching the keyboard/controller focus on containers once I empty a container of it's contents.
I am using Direct Keyboard/Controller controls.

I have a Container menu using Unity UI.
I have a Grid Layout connected to Containers. I have a separate Grid Layout connected to my Inventory.
When I run the game, I am able to collect items from the container and put them in my inventory.
The issue occurs when the Container is cleared of all it's contents.
Because I am using direct controls, I lose focus when I have no items left in the container.
How do I switch focus to the next available button (either in Inventory or my Close button) when my Container is cleared?
Thank you!


  • What is the Container element's When slot is empty field set to?

    It'l likely need a script to simply detect if the focus is on a disabled gameobject and place focus on a different element.  Can't say if that would be something specific to your own needs or something AC would need officially, but you can PM it to me + your Managers + instructions and I can take a look at it.
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