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    I need full details for the Input settings - sensitivity, gravity values etc.  It may be that tweaking those values are all that's needed.

    When you say "unresponding" and "different direction", is it mainly with one axis over another, or are all axes equally affected?
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    Gotcha.  I'm using ReWired, so I might need to interface with that developer on some of this.  Here's a screenshot:

    Pretty much all axes are effected, albeit randomly.  I can click down several ticks and then it'll all of a sudden stop and won't go down or up for several clicks and then it might recover and click over again.  It does this going up, down, left, and right.

    Grids with a single button under the grid are very problematic.  If I'm navigating in a 4x4 grid for example, sometimes when I press right, it'll go down, sometimes when I press up, it'll go left, etc...When navigating to a button below a grid (like a save/cancel) it simply not go to the button if I'm in the grid spacing on the lower left . I have to move over to one of the center grid buttons to get down there...although, when I press right to go from the lower left grid space, it'll sometimes jump straight down to the button below.

    I've since simplified most of my grids to be two columns because it seems to behave a bit better on vertically justified menus when there's a button underneath.  I also made the save and cancel buttons on the save game input box screen vertical, because it became pretty much impossible for navigation to work when they were side by side.

  • To prevent the menu skipping over multiple elements at once (e.g. from Quit to Resume instantly in the default Pause menu), AC waits until the input's intensity has dipped below a certain threshold before it can be used again, i.e.:

    Selected: Quit button
    Down input: +1
    Selected: Load button
    (It'll now wait until the input clears)
    Down input: 0
    (Now it's free to recieve input again)
    Down input: +1
    Selected: Save button

    AC will determine intensity by threshold: if the input value > 0.1, it'll be responsive, and it'll then become unresponsive until the input value < 0.05.

    Getting a normal Unity input to work with this is generally quite simple, and just a matter of getting the right values in your Input manager.  As you're involving Rewired however, you're adding another layer of complexity into the mix.

    I would recommend two things, therefore:

    1) Remove Rewired temporarily, and try to get the desired behaviour with Unity/AC alone.  If you find that you can, then Rewired is definitely contributing to this issue.

    2) Insert a Debug statement to output the current input value to the Console - this'll help you to determine why it isn't responding.

    This can be done easily by opening PlayerInput.cs and finding the line:

    Vector2 rawInput = new Vector2 (InputGetAxisRaw ("Horizontal"), InputGetAxisRaw ("Vertical"));

    Immediately below it, paste the following:

    Debug.Log ("Horizontal input: " + rawInput.x + ", Vertical input: " + rawInput.y);

    You may need to hook into the InputGetAxisDelegate to override the input axes values (see the Manual's "Remapping inputs" chapter) based on this, but see how you go with these first.
  • Great info, @ChrisIceBox!  I shall do some sleuthing and see what I discover!
  • Okay, so I temporarily removed Rewired and re-setup the Unity Input Manager and still getting the same behavior.  I've added the Debug.log to PlayerInput.cs and didn't really see anything out of the ordinary (+1 for up and -1 for down).  I played around with the gravity/dead/sensitivity settings with wildly different degrees but wasn't able to land on something that was consistent.  Are there settings that you'd recommend for menu navigation?  
  • Bearing in mind that I only have a PS4 controller to test with, I find the following works just fine:

    Gravity: 3
    Dead: 0.001
    Sensitivity: 3
    Snap: Checked

    What about the Debug.Log when you let go?  Does it go down to 0?  I'm still not totally clear on what exactly the behaviour is like.
  • Okay - these settings really helped.  I think it was "snap" that really made it work better. 

    It does down to 0 when you let go of the button.  Basically, in the easiest example, I would press down on the d-pad to go down in the pause menu.  The first two or three buttons would go fine and then it would stick on the one somewhere in the middle.  I'd continue to press down and the input would register in the debug but the it wouldn't actually move.  It would sometimes recover after about 10 button presses.  Sometimes it would just hang out and I'd be able to go back up.  

    So...I think the behavior in Unity Input is much better...but now I'm getting oddities in ReWired that I'm going to have to figure out.  It's not snapping to -1/+1.  It's hitting figures like -.8898298 to +.93472873, even with snapping and stuff I'll need to dive into that.

    Thanks a lot, @ChrisIceBox.  This update has been pretty painful, so I really appreciate the support.
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