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Problem with Camera Follow Cursor

edited June 2017 in Technical Q&A
I really like the "follow cursor" option in the GameCamera component.
The effect is really cool.
I apply it to all my NavCams.
But I have a small problem when I switch from a camera to another:
If the first camera is rotated to follow the cursor, it will jump to its initial position ( = no rotation) before switching to the second camera.
So switching cameras is less smooth when the "follow cursor" option is activated.

Is there a way to create a smooth transition between cameras in this case?

Or maybe it's possible to add the "follow cursor" option to the Main Camera instead?
I tried to add the GameCamera component to the Main Camera but it didn't work...
Maybe it's possible to write a script and apply it to the Main Camera?
(I'm more artist than programmer so I don't know where to start)

If you have any idea, it will be very helpful.
Thank you!

PS: sorry for my clumsy English. I hope it's not too difficult to understand.


  • This sounds like an old bug that should have been fixed - which AC version are you using, and what is the "Move method" of the Camera: Switch Action?
  • Checking "Smooth transition out" under "move method" of the Camera: Switch Action solved my problem. Everything is perfectly smooth now!
    The solution was so obvious!
    Thank you so much!
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