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Gather Text + Give matching speech lines the same ID = Locked Editor

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Hey all - 

I'm attempting to get a script ready to hand to localization for translation and running into what seems to be a bug.

I'm wanting to cut down on duplicated IDs, so it's easier for translation to go through and do their sweep, but when I do a full reset text and gather with "Give matching speech lines the same ID", the game will sit there with the progress wheel for hours.  Now, my game is very text-heavy, so I suppose it's possible that it's churning through a mountain of data, but I did let it go for about 3-3 1/2 hours before giving up.

If I don't have "Give matching speech lines the same ID" checked, it'll gather text just fine.



  • In which version of AC and Unity?  And how many scenes and lines of text are you dealing with, exactly?

    It's unlikely this is just taking a long time, but I don't think this is easily resolved without my seeing it.  You'll have to PM me your project as a .unitypackage file - leave out any graphics, sounds, etc including the AdventureCreator folder.
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    Unity 5.6.1 and AC 1.57a.  

    Number of Scenes = I believe it's over 30 by my last check (I'm at work right now and not in front of my project)

    Number of lines with the latest export = 8582 - Lots of these are dupes across multiple scenes.  I'm going to be doing a cleanup pass where I make these shared actionlists that the scenes will reference (in fact, I've already started some of this cleanup process).

    So, for the .unitypackage, you basically need the scenes and any actionlists.  No content and do not package up the AC folder, correct?
  • Actually since I'll need the exact build settings too, probably better to duplicate the project, and remove the unnecessary assets such as models, animations and sounds - then send me the whole folder as a .zip file.
  • Okiedoke - shall send you a DM.
  • So far as I can tell this is indeed just a very large process by necessity.  You have several scenes that are duplicates of each other that share 1,000s of similar lines, whereas it would be better to merge such scenes into one and alter them as needed by changing the background dynamically etc.

    I have found one optimisation to be made with the code, however.  In SpeechManager.cs, change:

    if (sceneFile.Contains (matchingLine.scene))


    if (sceneFile.EndsWith (matchingLine.scene + ".unity"))

    Otherwise, I think this is just going to be a case of letting it run overnight.
  • Awesome!  Thanks, @ChrisIceBox - yeah, I've already started the process of optimizing the dialogue (using shared actionlists as opposed to bespoke callouts to duplicated dialogue), but I'll do this change and let the sucker run all night tonight and let you know how it goes.

    Thanks again!
  • Well - I let it run all day and all night last night only to run into my machine running out of application memory (MacOSX)...and Unity was the only thing running, so I might have run into a memory leak or something.

    Oh well.  I'll continue optimizing and try again after I do a pretty healthy pass on that.
  • Sorry to bump the old thread... but I've just run into the same issue as above. My text has been gathering for the last couple of hours, clearly something being done as I can see scenes switching back and forth... But I don't believe this should take THAT long? It's also a large game, with over 140 scenes and a lot of text. Using Unity 5.6.0 and AC 1.56g. I've checked the "Give matching speech lines the same ID" option too (having read the above I'm guessing that this is what's slowing it all down?).

    Please help... I was supposed to deliver the vo script today...

  • The "matching IDs" option does add to the complexity, yes.

    What's your AC version number? Improvements to the "Gather text" operation's efficiency were made in v1.65.0.

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