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Special characters in custom game labels

Hey all - 

I went through this tutorial awhile back:

Everything is pretty much working, but the more I have my game tested the more comments I get that they wished they could use special characters in their save game names (ie: !, ?, etc...).

How would I allow for that option?



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    Currently only a Unity UI-based Input element can accept special characters, but I'll see if an AC one can too.
  • Cool, thanks Chris!
  • Yeah, should be good for the next update.
  • You are a gentleman and a scholar.  Thanks man.
  • Hey there @ChrisIceBox

    I realized I never circled back around to this but it seems as though I'm still not able to use special characters in my custom save labels.  Should I make any changes on my side or did something not make it into the AC update awhile back? 

    Just curious.  Thanks!
  • IIRC I was actually referring to Input menu elements, which did have a restriction on special characters.  Are you having trouble with that, or with having a correctly-filled input element not setting the save game name correctly?
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    @chrisicebox - basically it's just not recognizing a special character when typing out a save game name.  

    So if I type: "Hi Chris!" 

    It'll type up: "Hi Chris1"

  • And what is your Input menu element's "Input type" field set to?  Note that you have to specifically set it to "Allow Special Characters" to allow them.
  • Ahhhh - I'm an idiot.  Thanks, @ChrisIceBox!  That fixed it!

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