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Swap cameras and keep menu up?

I am swapping cameras outside of AC using a script I wrote, but when I do the menu I am currently showing is not on the new cameras I swap to, is there some way to make the camera I swap to also display the menu ? Or is it because im not using the AC action for swapping cams? I find some stuff is easier to do with ordinary triggers and custom scripts so I am mixing and matching a lot of the time.


  • What menu, and what is your script doing exactly?  Please provide more detail about your situation, as it's not possible to help without knowing more.
  • Hey sorry for lack of info, its hard for me to see the wood for the trees :) Actually I was wrong it is working as expected, I am displaying an AC menu, which is some text over a camera, I think I just had to tag the camera as main camera. 
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