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NPC Starting New Paths from Node 2

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As requested in my earlier post this is a new discussion regarding the issue I am having starting NPCs on a new path, as I mentioned in the previous post the issue seems to be when a character finishes one path and then is told to start a new path straight after (this is called via a cutscene upon reaching the final node in the first path).

I've annotated various screenshots to hopefully show this, done in a new scene using TinPot. The first two pictures show the two different paths (simply PathA and PathB), you can clearly see the nodes for each path. The subsequent pictures show how TinPot will start PathA from node 1 (this is called via the OnStart cutscene simply telling him to start on PathA) - my first query is that I always envisaged characters should start at node 0?

Anyway the real problem I run into is shown in the later pictures whereby when TinPot finishes PathA and is told to start PathB he now ignores nodes 0 and 1 and starts on node 2? As mentioned this only happens when calling a new path immediately at the end of a previous path. Hopefully you can recreate and I've explained it all well enough.

There are 7 annotated screenshots in order posted here:

Thanks again.


  • Indeed, characters should be starting at node 0 - however can you show a shot of the ActionList that runs when he reaches the end of Part A?
  • @ChrisIceBox

    Chris as requested below is a link to a screenshot of the action lists (shows the OnStart cutscene that sets NPC on Path A, shows the cutscene that plays when they reach end of Path A to start them on Path B and then the cutscene that plays that sets them on path A after completing path B).

  • Thank you.  It's clear the node cutscenes feature needs some work - I'll let you know if I need anything else.
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