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Resuming Paths

Hey all,

I've just posted a technical query however this one didn't seem to fit in with the previous discussion hence why I'm posting two separate posts.

When I stop a character along a path I sometimes require them to look at something however whenever I use the Character: FaceObject action the NPC never resumes their last set path afterwards? For a bit more context I have some trigger spaces along certain paths whereby the NPC is instructed to stop moving, animate (either eating or talking) and then after a set amount of time they are instructed to resume their last set path. This works fine except for the cases when I also instruct them to turn and face a certain object (e.g. turn to nearby NPC when talking). My logical explanation is that turning the character is essentially moving them therefore AC is recognising that they are no longer on their previous path and therefore when instructed to resume their last set path this no longer refers to the path that took them to the trigger (but instead the last true movement path they had was when they were physically turned to face an object).

As with my other post I seem to know exactly why the issue is occurring and can certainly understand it however I wanted to confirm firstly if my understanding of the 'issue' is correct, whether this is even an issue or not and finally (most importantly) any advice on how to overcome this?

p.s. I'm running 5.6.0f3 and 1.57

p.p.s I've also noticed situations whereby starting an NPC on a new path there are weird times when they miss out nodes 0 and 1 and head straight for node 2. I'm doing some more investigation to see if they do run through these and simply think they are being hit or if they are for some reason being ignored. The navigation accuracy slider shouldn't affect this because in the situations where it happens the nodes are further away than what the accuracy slider setting would dictate as within the accuracy limits.


  • I've managed to recreate the first issue.  I don't know the cause of it at this point, but will work on a fix for v1.57a.

    As for the second, can you reproduce this reliably enough to show provide clear steps for me to see for myself?  Please start a new thread for this, with screenshots to illustrate the behaviour.
  • @ChrisIceBox

    Once again thank you very much for the quick support, good to know that you have managed to recreate the issue so I will not fudge a workaround in the meantime!

    As for the second issue I will post a new discussion later today (I believe I can recreate easily, if it helps now I believe the issues is when I set a character on a new path straight after finishing a previous path - whenever just starting a brand new path there is never this issue). I'll mention this in the new post, thanks again Chris!
  • It was indeed due to the NPC coming off the path - I'll issue an official fix in the next release, but in the meantime you can make the necessary change by editing ActionCharFace.cs, line 87:

    if (!isInstant)


    if (!isInstant && charToMove.IsMovingAlongPath ())

  • edited June 2017

    Once again thank you very much.
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