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Noob question DRAG DROPPING image into Scene

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Am totally stumped here on something I know is going to be really simple (When I know...)

Dragging an image in from the 2d Demo Graphics folder works fine.
Dragging THE SAME image from my folder outside of this folder, prevents me from doing so?

Just following along the tutorial at this point 6:07

Why is it I can drag in the same as in the example, but cannot drag in images from my own folders? Thanks,


  • If you click an image, or most other asset files, you'll get a few options in the inspector tab. In this case your issue is most likely related to the "type" defined for your image. 

    Most images get automatically defined as Textures and you can't drag textures into the hierarchy. The image will need to be defined as a sprite. I don't do 2D much, so if you want to see a better example, just click one of the demo images in the project view (not in the hierarchy), and the inspector will show you how that particular image was configured. 

    Also, if you change any setting in an asset (your images in this case), make sure to click the Apply button that will appear somewhere in the inspector (else Unity won't save the changes).
  • When you same the "same image", are you saying you moved the Park's graphic files to your own folder, or you're actually working with a different image?  If the latter, you will need to ensure your image's Texture type is set to Sprite, which you can do by viewing the asset's Inspector.
  • That's the answer :) I'm new to Unity, but the images needed to have their attributes tagged as sprites for them to be imported. If you can add a hint on your already amazing tutorial video, it would be useful at the point you do this, because it works up until us new ones try our own artwork :)

    Thanks as always!!
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    I'll see what can be done - however, a basic knowledge of the workings of Unity is required before learning AC.  The tutorial takes things slow, but isn't intended as an introduction to Unity itself.
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