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Save menu: display date and time with Unity UI

Hey guys,

I'm converting all my menus to use the Unity UI Prefab from AC menus and one thing I noticed is that when using a Saveslist Element the date and time don't show up in the label after a game has been saved. This is the case even when the "Time display" is set to "Time And Date" under "Enable save game profiles?" being checked. When using an AC menu to display a Saveslist it shows up fine. Anyone have suggestions as to how to get the date/time to show up when using Unity UI Prefab?



  • Weird - works fine here. First of all: what Unity and AC versions are you using?
  • Hey jasong!
    I haven't looked at this feature too much yet, but if you're comfortable with code, you can go to the SaveSystem and use breakpoints to see how the code is flowing. For example, if you search for "Time display" in the AdventureCreator code and see what variable is being set, you could find the place in SaveSystem (or nearby code) where that variable is used to determine what to do, and you can see why that isn't doing what you expect.
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    Long shot, but make sure the text isn't simply too big to display in the box. If the text is long and your minimum text size in the Text component is too big, then you are liable to see nothing. If that's the case you'll either need a smaller minimum text size or a longer text area.
  • @Alverik, that was it! Had to increase the width of my display box...glad when solutions are that simple even though I feel a bit silly for overlooking it :)

    Thanks @Snebjorn & @greenwillowgames for chiming in as well!
  • Cool! I'm just glad to hear you got it working :)
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