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Problem setting player and navmesh

I'm following the 3D tutorial but with my own scene and I can't do anything :(

For the navmesh I tried to put one like for the evillair_navmesh but the system does't want it. My scene is a multiple object scene so I tried to bake a navmesh but I can't put it in the mesh option... I really don't know how to create my mesh if it's not like that...

And for the player, I downloaded a character from the asset store but I can't put it as my player...

It's making me crazy...


  • Welcome to the community, @coma199402.  I'm sorry you're having trouble early on.

    You will need to provide some screenshots and more detail, as without more information about these issues only very general advice can be given.

    Be aware that there are also a number of text-based tutorials on specific topics.  For the NavMesh issue, you have two options - Mesh Collider and Unity Navigation.

    For the first, use the Scene Manager to create a new NavMesh object and assign it as the Default NavMesh above.  Then take your custom mesh file and assign it into the Mesh fields in the Mesh Filter and Mesh Collider components - this is described in Section 2.11 of the Manual, as well as this tutorial.

    For the Unity Navigation option, you don't need to assign your baked NavMesh in the Scene Manager - but you do need to ensure you have a Collider with the "Navigation Static" tag covering the same area if you want to rely on Point And Click movement.  This is covered in Section 2.12 of the Manual, as well as this tutorial.

    For the character issue, drop the mesh into the scene and use the Character Wizard from AC's top toolbar to create your Player.  This is covered in Section 3.1 of the Manual, and a tutorial on performing the necessary steps manually can be found here.

    Again, if you need more specific assistance, please post more detail and screenshots so that we can tailor advice to your needs.
  • In addition to what chris said, don't forget to put your geometry (gameObjects representing floor and walls) into the NavMesh layer!

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