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Hotspot Script duplicated to ALL other Hotspots across all scenes

This is a strange one. I've no idea of how it even happened but after creating a new hotspot in a scene, it somehow replaced every other hotspot throughout the game with the same script. It also copied over any Hotspot:Remember scripts.

I don't know what screenshots you may wish to see but if you do, please let me know and I'll post them.

Luckily for me I'd just made a backup before adding this evil hotspot.

Is there any scenerio that you can think of that caused this?


  • This could happen if updated the original Hotspot prefab (either by amending the prefab itself, or by clicking "Apply" on one in your scene linked to the prefab).  The latter scenario can be avoided by selecting a given Hotspot in your scene and choosing GameObject -> Break Prefab Instance from Unity's toolbar.

    You can revert the prefab back to its original state by re-importing AC's Prefabs folder from the Asset Store.
  • You're a star, Chris! Thank you so much. Re-importing the 'Prefabs' worked like a charm.
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