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Facial expressions using texture animation

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I've written a set of scripts, including a custom AC action, for working with facial expressions based on texture animation, as seen in this quick demo:

If anyone else is interested, I'll polish it a bit for general use and put it on the wiki.


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    BTW, I think I remember there being a simple way to embed videos here, but it seems to have gone away???
  • Reminds me of the original Tomb Raider in-game facial expressions.
  • Very cool! It would be usefull  :)
  • hi, can't see video.
    Access to this video is limited. Try signing in with a Google Apps account.
  • Video now set to 'public'.

    Hope to have the time to put some scripts for this online within the next couple of days + some other integration stuff.
  • I know this post is pretty old but did you ever publish the scripts? It's something that would work pretty great for the project I'm working on now.

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