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Yes or no interaction


I know that someone asked this question before, but I couldn't understand a thing. However what I'm asking is maybe a little bit different. I have a scene where there is a book and a gameCamera. What I wanna achieve is, when I click on the book's hotspot and then my main camera switches to a gameCamera, I want a yes or no menu appears. just like the old games, when you click on an item and then it asks you if you wanna take it or not, and then you get to choose yes to take it to the inventory or no to get back to the player.

I spent hours trying to find the solution and I know its here somewhere but I couldn't find it. Could Chris, or anyone else show me the way to do it, I would really appreciate it guys! 


  • Couldn't you just achive this by using a conversation with the two dialogue options "Yes" and "No"? In the dialogue options ActionLists you could provide the right Actions to do what is necessary.

    Another way would be to use a menu with two buttons. That would allow you to customize it some more if you don't want to rely on your game's conversation look.
  • @MAC , I kinda figured out the menu way. It looks a lot better, the only problem is that I have to make a menu for each item I interact with.. I guess. Another problem is, I can't use my controller to scroll between the two buttons, unless I check "Pause game when enabled" When I don't want to pause it..
  • A Conversation with Yes and No options is indeed the easiest, and recommended way to do it.

    You can enable controller-scrolling unpaused menus by using the Engine: Manage systems Action to set the Control in-game Menus? lock when the Menu is turned on and off.

    If not using a Conversation, you can do this in a new Menu as @MAC suggests, and recycle it for other objects.  Just set and record Global Variables to keep track of what in-scene Cutscenes get run when the the buttons are clicked.  You can do this by wiring up a Variable: Check Action followed by an ActionList: Run Action, to check the value of a variable you previously set with Variable: Set.
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