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[Feature Request] Using ActionLists for subtitles over video on Android

On Android builds I've noticed that the ActionList that I would trigger before a video doesn't work at all.

I use this to trigger a 'voice over' with subtitles and speech on the Windows/Mac builds and it's fine yet it doesn't seem to work on Android. It doesn't show subtitles or play the voice clips - it's as if it's cancelled out when a video is played.

I'm guessing it's down to how Android plays videos as opposed to a desktop system.

Is there any way this could be supported in future versions?


  • It is down to the way movie clips are handled on mobiles - Unity will pause the game itself while the movie plays.

    AC relies on Unity's internal movie playback system.  Unity are planning an upgrade of it, but until then there's no way to get around this unless you look into using a third-party system.
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